About Us


About us

 EZ Vest LLC., began on October 3, 2007 in cooperation with Nevada Corporate Headquarters at Las Vegas, Nevada. EZ Vest LLC have since received a Certificate of Good Standing on February 4, 2008 from the State of Alaska, Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing with current existence of ongoing professional legal work procedures.

EZ Vest LLC., in cooperation with Corporate Capital at Las Vegas, Nevada, is working with EZ Vest LLC to incorporate establishment of  profitable business investments and involvement with real estate. In addition, start-up of tourism involving production of mining for gold and relative seasonal activities is currently under review. “Made In Alaska” reversible parkas are also available for custom sewn order of production.

EZ Vest LLC.

Whether you are looking to buy or selling a small home, large home, home on the beach, commercial property or land, you do not need to look any further!


I, Annie Corrine Bailey, am a Managing Member of EZ Vest, LLC. For more than a decade, I have researched and/or attended every possible seminar/online webinar and now have access to materials and courses of interest in real estate investing. I am working toward Private Money Broker certification. I have added my personal experience and ongoing education in the real estate industry to form one of the many available fastest growing real estate and investment businesses. EZ Vest is now serving Ester, North Pole, College in Alaska, in addition to interested national and international countries.

Annie Bailey
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