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Gold mine production is an economic investment toward financial reward for businesses or individuals.

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Whether you want to buy, sell or rent a small home, large home, home on the beach, commercial property or land, you need not look any further!


Whether you are looking for a foreclosure or going through one, we can help you! We fully understand every side of the emotional and financial aspects.

Gold Mining

The gold mine industry is invaluable whether it is for mass production or recreational use. There are hard copy and online resources available to accommodate your personal preference.

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I, Annie Corrine Bailey, am a Managing Member of EZ Vest, LLC. For more than a decade, I have researched and/or attended every possible seminar/online webinar and now have access to materials and courses of interest in real estate investing. I am working toward Private Money Broker certification. I have added my personal experience and ongoing education in the real estate industry to form one of the many available fastest growing real estate and investment businesses. EZ Vest is now serving Ester,North Pole,College in Alaska, in addition to interested national and international countries.

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  •  1369 N Becker Ridge Rd, Fairbanks, AK 99709

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